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Clearer Group | 15 May, 2023

One year since the acquisition of Clearer Water

Friday 10th March was a big day as we officially announced the restructuring of Soilèir, Hydration Hub and Clearer Water under The Clearer Group.

The Clearer Group announcement coincides with the one year anniversary of Soilèir acquiring Clearer Water. Soiléir demonstrated their commitment to the Clearer Water brand, retained all existing staff and created new opportunities to create further career and employment opportunities for young people with additional needs.

One year on from the acquisition Soilèir will now be housed under the Clearer Group alongside flagship brand, Clearer Water and Hydration Hub.

In honour of the big announcement we take a look back at some of this years milestones.

Antrim Coast Half Marathons Announces 8-year principal sponsorship with Clearer Water

The Antrim Coast Half Marathon have announced, via BBC NI, that it has secured one of the longest Sponsorships in road running history with an 8-year agreement withClearer Water.  

The agreement will see Clearer Water become the principal sponsor, which will see it running through to and include the race’s 10th year anniversary in 2030. The newly renamed “Clearer Water Antrim Coast Half Marathon” will be held on Sunday 27th August 2023.

The event was first held in 2020 and has not only been successful in being granted the World Athletics Elite Label Road Race status, only one of only two events in the UK and Ireland to be awarded the Elite Label status, but now also holds the number 1 half marathon in the UK and number 2 in the world.

The Antrim Coast Half Marathon have also announced their bid to host the 2025 and 2026 World Road Running Championships in Antrim.

The launch of Hydration Hub

Clearer Water’s most recent calendar highlight is the launch of our new innovative Hydration Hub.

Unveiled in December 2022, Hydration Hub is a premium self-service vending solution, providing Clearer Water and WOW Hydrate at elite centres of sport. In 2023 Hydration Hubs will be available in other public venues, work places and community spaces.

Hydration Hubs will only stock LOW CAFFEINE and LOW SUGAR products with PROVEN HYDRATION and PERFORMANCE allowing for healthier drinking habits to be adopted with ease.

Larne times Innovation Award Winners

The Clearer Water team had a fantastic night at the Larne Times Excellence Awards on the 24th November and we were absolutely delighted to the win the 2022 Innovation Award!

Clearer Water was overjoyed to be recognised for our innovative business practices and commitment to our local area.

Clearer Water attained The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Brand Award.

In August 2022, Clearer Water attained The Good Shopping Guides Ethical Brand Award. Clearer Water was accredited as the 3rd most Ethical Bottled Water brand in the UK and Ireland by the Good Shopping Guide.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Co-Chairman and Co-Owner of Clearer Water, said,” Our dedication to manufacturing traceable, ethical products is an exemplar of how business can BE and DO better. By shopping with care, people-power can change the way brands behave and decisively influence the local, national and ultimately global impact they have on the planet. Having the ability to ask retailers and suppliers difficult questions, to ensure they do the right thing. This accreditation independently proves our ethical status and myself and Sitki, as well as, all the Team at Clearer Water are pleased to be listed in the Good Shopping Guide as an Ethical Brand.”

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