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Hydration Hub | 15 May, 2023

Benefits of Smart Vending Machines

Vending machines have only got ‘Smarter’ over the years. Advances in technology have made it easier to improve the vending machine experience for the user and make having a refrigerated vending machine, a cost-effective option for hydration for businesses and sporting facilities.

So, what actually makes a vending machine ‘smart’?

Contactless payment options

With the rise in contactless and card payments, it makes sense that vending machines would also follow this trend. It’s reported that in 2021, over 17 million people in the UK had registered to be able to avail of contactless mobile payments. Many Smart Vending machines now have the capability to take contactless payments to offer better user experience.

Our Hydration Hubs are fitted with Smart Pay features to make buying your favourite Clearer Water and Wow Protein drinks even easier!

24/7 access

Lifestyles are busier than ever as people find themselves constantly on the go. As more people as on the go, vending machines have become more popular in demand.

Consumer behaviour has changed, and with the rapid expansion of 24/7 gyms and sporting venues this has had a knock-on effect on how consumers use vending machines. Consumers now desire access to vending machines at unconventional times which means many vending machines now have 24/7 access.

Our Hydration Hubs provide 24/7 access for hydration on the go whenever the urge for hydration strikes!


Gone away are the traditional vending machines, they’ve been replaced with new, sleeker and more versatile machines. Vending machines have become more versatile in recent years, vending machines can now provide anything from beauty goods, hot foods and even in Japan we’ve seen vending machines selling fresh produce!

About Hydration Hub

Hydration Hub’s create a business culture where the health of employees and customers are prioritised. Allowing for healthier drinking habits to be adopted with ease, removing the inconvenience of having to go off site for “on the go,” chilled low calorie, zero sugar beverages rich in vitamins and minerals. Hydration Hub was designed to lead the premium self-service market, with the aim to deliver a user experience that prioritises convenience and accessibility.

Interested in finding out more about our Hydration Hubs? Contact us today

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